iam back ….

its been pretty long that i have used this blog to scribble anything…

forgot password..n for couple of days i couldn’t even open this page..!!

Happy to be back …hope those reading also feels same.

This latest post of mine is a new milestone for me…in blog or writing..am here with a short story..100 % Malayalam short story..

How the idea of writing this came to me ?? no clue it just happened.

but since many days…or months i really wanted to write something ..inspiration was all the new write ups and short stories which i happened to read in many journals ..mags n even in Face Book.

Once we kick off with an habit of writing…many times we can feel that urge to write again or put pen to paper basis many incidents in our life..May be people who has written dairy or even blogged once would agree that.

Am still an amateur writer,hence cannot restrict from being humble and simple as always !!! n yeah even before someone tells me that the story / write up is good,my big line of thanking messages is as below.

Got addicted to this after watching many award shows..

first thanks to my blog guru and inspiration – Anu ghadie

Roney – Who after reading this story.. appreciated me and insisted on to post in FB or blog..

Jef and Nisha who helped me to pen it down into a readable Malayalam format.

Finally…my love..Sree,From the day i told her that i would like to write my own stories /screenplays etc..she has been very motivational and supportive at any time n has always given me that so called ‘courage’ to pen down what is attached along for you guys to go through.

The story Nanmayey thirichariyanulla Nanma !! ( Click cheyu….. Kochu gadhakal vaayiku ) is dedicated to my parents…hopefully the story should give an answer to why its dedicated to them !!

all my friends..brothers and sisters…..after reading u can wish me luck …correct me if any mistakes or even can scold me telling me to stop this…hihhihihi

BUT…no silence pls after reading this…it hurts…Sherikhum…

Lov u all..



GhaDies & Dubai

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Entry of Sree !!

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Ghadies Onam – Futureolgia series

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Futureolgia from P.A. Lee’s Dream Factory
Ghadies onam

ONAM @ 201?
All Ghadies in Girish / Rejana new apartment in Abudhabi.

Salee evidey ..Kurachu nermaayallo poyitu.? I asked to giri who was busy preparing his special north Indian kuruma for the onam sadhya….
Enikariyiallla….avan ellathaatha nallathu….allenghil veruthey nadannu ‘enthayi enthayi’ ennu paranjhu verupichukondirkum ..aa ullu ka pottan….replied giri…

Giri and appu has taken the full responsibility for today’s onam sadhya…
Appu is indeed real busy…like a professional cook…elaam allanu murichu noki paakathil cook cheyunaa our real AMBISAAMI thanyey.
All the ghadies chedathies is along with them….helping both the cooks by cutting vegetables..giving (only ) opinioins..adding spices / masala etc etc..not to the curries..but to their discussions..

and yeah…sree n rejana has taken responsibility for todays paayasam,adapradhaman and paripi paayasam.
Sree is very thrilled bcox this is the first time she has joined with all ghadies for a real onam festival…
Rejana is also in full swing …but at most times her eyes are on giri…” giri…kai sookshikuutooo’..she was warning giri who was staring at appu in between his cooking gymnastics…
I was in front of the hot ‘aripaathram’…actually this duty was done by salee ..but now he along with james has went for buying ‘vaazhayila’ …
Maghaa….jaasthi maathada beda kelsammaadi…titu laughed at me…
Titu and naveesh was ( acting ) busy with their toughest job among all..’washing glasses ‘….naveesh also joined titu n told ….
edaa vipiney…nee kurachu neram koodi ‘adupindye’ aduthu nilku…appoazhey ninaku nindney aa pazhaya color thirichu klittukoeyuulloo..haha
In between titu asked…seriously ? eda vipi ..aripaathram handle cheyaan budhimutundoda…??
Elladdaa…..*(*(&**(&*(&(&*&….…I repied…since q was from titu…by any chance if I repied ‘yes budhimutundu,then we all know what would be this ghadies reply.hha..

Meanwhile salee and James entered the room…salee was grumbling…’enthootu chooda ghadie purathu..…ksheenichu endey ponnu.
Devuoooo…sambharam undo sambhaaraam ? dhey vazhayilla kitty…naakila mookila…ellam type ellayum undu …
Pallyeye…ari venthooo ghadie ?
‘da giri nindey north Indian kuruma kazhichitu aarenghilum Hindi paranjjhal sambharilitu mukum ninney’

Devuedathi…meanwhile asked saleee…saleesheta ethentha koolam….?
That’s when we also noticed saleee….he was in his inner baniyan n mundu,thalayil oru ketum….he has changed himself from dufai salee to sherikum oru naadan kannankulanghara saleee….!
Morning when he arrived…he was in a real charming outfit…nice juba…kasavu mundu..goggless…and as usual he repeated his standard dialogue too…’ennu njhan bayanghara serious ghadie’

Soumyachaachi….as if she remembered something…asked james…chetaa..caril ninuu wine eduthooo…by the time she asked…me n naveeesh had already reached near the car to grab the wine botlle…
James..shouted..dey dey…mukacharkathindye salsyematu sadhanam alla ketoda athu…nalla super wine aannu athu.

Deviyeyeyee ?? evidey ennu enthenghilum nadakum…told titu….

Giri…came in between n told…edaa….ee kaaalan ennu paranjhal ‘maangha’ puzhunghi undakuantheyly ? ee appachanu oru thenghayum ariyillaa..

Apppu came shouting….cheyakkandiriri naaayint^^&%^^%…..nee belya kaarayam onum avneshikanda…kaalan undakamennu appachan pranjhal cheythirikum…

Rejana and sree came and announced the good news finally…paayasam is ready …lunch ready ghadies..
At the same time…bell rang…salee opened the door..
Came a sweet littile girl…calling chaleee maama.. !
that was januty…the junior anu from America..followed by jaunty was mother america anu and family…actually this was the first time I was seeing jumesh…he is same is in the fotus…with that ‘vidaarna smile in his face…
Jus then…heard durgu shouting…chimbu..ooodaleeda vizhum…nilku avidey…but chimbu alias was not hearing that…he is now a grown up boy…a real ‘unda thakadu’
This was durgu’s and sajiths first visit to Dubai….after a lot of compelsion from ghadies and anu’s parents they took the invitation to join ghadies onam this year…
Durgu while entetiring the home itself started asking devu…devuedathy..food ready annanloo alley..?
Seeing girish in naadan mundu outfit anu commented – ‘’ haaavu…ennu oru international model cook cheytha curry kazhikykaam..

All joined the fun and by the time appu and me had kept all the onam tasty vibhavams ready …
Presence of Jaanuty and dhyan was like a real piece of fortune to all of us,too see and enjoy the generation next of Ghadies was a real pleasure,
Later all gathered for the main event of the day,The food adi paripaadi…
chorum sambhaarum…22 tharam karikalum..3 tharam payasam onnum ‘undaayirinulla’ ketoo…hahaa
Perinu 3 thoran (including giris kuruma) ,sambhaar + Adaa pradhamam ( made as an experiment basis by rejana n sree ) was the actual vibhavams for the sadhya.

Appachan was the real hero…and his ‘vazhuthanengha aviyal’ was the super hit curry of the sadhya.
Enghineyokeyooo ‘payasam ‘aayi maariya paayasathindey kickum wine’um koodi chernaapol…ghadies ellavarum athyavasathinu madhonmatharaayirunuu..

Baakiyullathu eni saleeshidney paatu maathram….

‘Poovadi penney poovadi penny chekaney kaanaan poovadi pennay
Achapam kozhalapam unniyapam koooti chekaney kaanan poovadi pennay’’..pooy…pooy….

Salee thakarkukayaanu…n his surprise partners are the great aliyans of Ghadies..Jumesh and Sajith.
Laughter…howling…aarpu vilikal….dance no:s from titu….ghadies get together was getting on its real high tempo spirit…

But then….achan called me…vipi enikedaaa…6 maniyaayi…enikku…
I waked up to find that…iam in Kuwait apartment…on my sofa bed…but I was still hearing that song…turned around to see that it was jus a promo song of some comic prog in asianet.

For this onam…coming back from office to have an lunch parcel from udupi was the only thing special I had…sree and amma was not there and since working day..cldnt enjoy onam with friends too.
But this ‘DREAM’ made me feel that real onam celebration is yet to come ..with my ghadies..
‘Pallee wait cheyada…one day we all ghadies will have an onam get together as in your dream…’
Yeah …I can hear someone telling that to me !!
Love u my Ghadies…Happy onam 201?

Malarvaadi Arts Club

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Down below is my comment posted on vineeth srinivasan’s blog for the wonderfull film – Malarvaadi Arts club.

All fans of vineeth and Malarvadi should browse thru vineeths blog ie,vineethsrinivasan.wordpress.com.

There is a geniune approach from him to share his thoughts thru his blog and the way he presents it is really appreciable,moreever he even replies to most of his comments – even though he hasnt replied to my comment.

The same you can find down below – i thgt it was good…but still y didnt he reply ?


Hi Vineeth,

Malarvadi kootam rocks.. !

Much appreciate your efforts in making this wondefull movie..after a long time a malayalm movie in its ‘malayilitham’ has hit into my ( and lot of other keralites ) minds..

I can understnad and speak tamil and i used to watch a lot of tamil movies..and most of the times many films used to inspire me and keep me in its blues ( songs / dailogues etc ) for a long time..

No big films but small films with new faces like ‘kaloori ‘ saroja and one of your favorite ‘nadodikal etc was many among those lists..here ( me in kuwait ) when the Cd’s are relasesed sometimes i tend to watch my favourite movies 2/3 times..few tamil films have inspired me to such extend that i can try speaking out tamil in diffrent tone and slangs as in films ( chennai tamil / madurai tamil etc ) ..many times i have actually thought why malayalam films lacks us to do so…i used to ask to myself why macha …why ?

But your film has done that magic saar,after a long time a malayalam film with malayilatham depecting the real kearal in its all senses,
Yes we have to admit that malayalitham is seen not only in roads of shornoor or only in varikasseri mana..but malayalitham of 2010 is what is shown in scenes of your film malarvaadi.

now…let me not deviate from the task of writing one of my first comment in a blog page,the task is nothing but to appreciate you the the core bro ! hahaha

sherikum…some one like you can show to the world real face of new young malayalee…a malayalee who can not only spend time just by only talking but also by proving that he can do something !

May be you can be the eye opener or a role model to the lots of Jnr & young vijayan masters in our towns & villages who are by themselves busy with ‘a work ‘ of editing and shooting for thier new album or new film planned in a small budget.

possibly if they read out your writings and watch your interviews to find out that how damn difficult and how sincere you have to be in wrting or making a film.

I really enjoyed your film to the last minute,the main reason for that was bcox even me too have a gruop of frineds like our dear prakasan / kuttu / santhosh / praveen & purushu.

Our group name is ghadies (its a thrisoor word meaning freinds )..now we all are reaching 30′s and is enjoying our lives as pravaasi malayallees in kuwait and Dufai,but by gods grace after college we still are in contact with each other on daily basis.

Since the theme of film was freindship i really enjoyed it,also there was quite some good moments in the film too which made the film an extraordinary film.

one scene / dailogue which i found very unique and classy was the commment the guy passes on his opinoin of watching the films in one of the opening scenes of the film..hahaa..

And malarvaadi kootam i felt is really a vineet sreenivasan and his FREINDS movie,lucky that it has not got that ‘aaksehapa haasyam kick of mr.sreenivasan or the naaadan family melodrama of great Mr.sahtyan anthikaadu.

Aniya vineeth,let me suggest you something – if you are gonna make your next film,pls select a theme of young gen only – I know / you know there are lot of issues in our state concerning to young people which can be a topic to many many films.Also pls give chance to your malarvaadi teams in the next movie too..they have done a wonderfull and fantabulous job i shoudl day..very talented guys..your casting sense has been prefect to 100 % that all the members are malarvaadi was jus aawezomee…

I know you are a film maker who loves watching movies a lot…also loved your comment on classic movies too,what you told was correct ‘oru cinema kanditu oonum manisilaayilenghil nammal enthu cheyana alley’ if you are reading this pls comment with your opinoin on movie ‘range de basanthi’ – this is my all time favourite and i can watch this move 1000 no: of times.

so thats all bro – i wanted to jus comment on your movie,but i think this has turned out to be a letter to you..hahaha..

wish you all succes in your life brother…be always humble / honest and positive as you are now –

We all malayalees with you.

vipin vasudevan



Ghadies History

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Welcome to the world of  My Ghadies….Click on the below link to have a ‘somewhat’ knowledge on we ‘ghadies’.

This ghadies profile was made around 3 Years back…and this was one of my first ‘BIG’ writing efforts.

Ghadies has grown much bigger than the days when i prepared this profile…we have now dear ‘edathies’ ( Rejana / Devu / Sree ) and 2 old glass mate members ( James and Naveesh ) joined to ghadies in recent times.

Hope to prepare the next updated edition of Ghadies Profile soon !!

Ghadies Rocks….Huraaay !

Click here – To Know GHADIES..


Posted: September 14, 2010 in My thoughts


The term realization is something which has been haunting me frequently from few months, this word in its actual form hit me ,to be exact from Dec of 2009.The day when I was travelling from Bangalore to Kuwait.
From days of being in Kuwait I have not travelled much in an Aircraft,may be only 2/3 times up and down to Kerala for my vacations back home.This time the flight which we boarded for travelling to/from Kuwait to Bangalore was Emirates Airline,unlike Kuwait airways and Jet Air ( the 2 airlines services which I have come across) the service of emirates airlines was indeed good and it had all the requirements and facilities which I could really enjoy.However,I was not enjoying it or was not in a situation where I could enjoy.
The reason was the purpose for which I was travelling, myself along with my cousin brother was returning from Bangalore after attending the death ceremony of one among our dearest uncle,sudha maaman. Sudha maaman was my mother’s youngest brother settled in Bangalore.

we travelled from Kuwait 5 days before when sudha maaman was hospitalized since he under came a stroke, This news of sudhamaaman really took us all for a shock,may be the shock still remains in me that when iam writing this my heartbeats are going up and my hands are shivering.

Can somebody leave from the world like this so sudden? This kind of an incident was real new to me,was even not in a position to believe something like this could have happened to sudhamaaman,even though I had read in news papers many cases of sudden heart attack and death etc,some thing sudden like this will happen to someone near to us was in fact unacceptable.

Sudha maaman,for us & for all was known to as a very healthy person, never he had been hospitalized for any surgeries etc or he never even gave to us with any alarming signs of a patient suffering from high BP or any cardiological problem.
One of the reasons to have a stroke is high BP or hyper tension etc, however we still couldn’t assimilate the fact that sudha maaman had been undergoing such severe stages of high blood pressure or heart diseases that could have resulted in causing him with a stroke.

On this travel back may be I realized the importance of sudhamaman as a person in mine & all our lives and also was worried about the impact his loss can leave with all of us, may be again and again my mind and thoughts admitted the universal truth that ‘we get to understand or realize the importance of many things in life only after we’ lose’ it’.
Sudha maaman was a real good human being, he was a loving father, an understanding husband, caring brother etc etc but I doubt whether all these qualities of sudha maaman was truly realized only when he passed away.

Sudha maaman was always good to me as an uncle and am sure he was good to everyone & other,we all had to admit that after one stage in life there wasn’t a growth in mamans life as expected or else he didn’t come up in life as it was required or situations demanded.

However,any of these reasons never stopped him from being a helping hand when anyone requested for, and at many times he was there without any complaints when situations needed him.
Even though Being in Bangalore ,he used to be there for all the occasions and family gatherings in Kerala whether it was 2 or 3 in a week.Only when I started staying in Bangalore I got to know that this was not a easy task as we see it !!
Now,but when I look back, I never told maaman that he was such a good and caring uncle for all of us, never i told him or even made him felt that we are thankful for what he did to us ( his ) lifelong.
But now,I do realize that even if I need to tell him that what a wonderful person he was….i can’t do that nor he is not there in this world to hear me!!

I realize,in our lives we have beautiful people around us who are there for us without any demands or requests,they make us happy, they stand as the supporting factor in many ways,they are or may be reasons for the laughter we had that day,they are the men needed at that hour to carry out something important etc ..But many times we don’t infact realize the importance of them and take them granted for ever..we take them to be there with us without offering them anything..even a thankfull note..a hug or a smile when needed ..a tap on shoulder telling that what you did was great !!
we in actual fact don’t tend to take that extra effort to make them feel happy when needed.. and unfortunately many times in life we do all these gymnastics just may be to impress many unwanted people or groups.
Let us realize that we sincerely need to love those who loves us without any compromise…and we should take care of those who take care of us..let’s not stop ourselves from giving that wide smile when they require it..Let’s not forget to give that small note of thanks for all the good they did to you…
I have noticed that at many stages in life, we without any reasons complain that there’s no one in our life who loves us,who cares about us..But in reality that someone who loves us a lot is near to us and we never realize that UNTIL we tend to lose it.
That someone may be our best friend who has been with us for long..May be our caring mother…may be our protective father..May be our loving wife…may be our dearest brothers and sisters..and on …and on and on..
Before it’s too late, lets appreciate that loving & caring person in front of us and then we ‘ll realize that happiness is just beside us all along.

The ‘we’ & us cited in above write up has me in the front of the group too,me too has to realize the importance of caring and loving our dear ones.
At this point, or from my ltiile brief expereinces in life..am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And let me hope so it is with you all… i strictly feel we all are in charge of our Attitudes. right ??

‘’The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith’’